Here are a few snapshots of fun to share with you who are interested in contacting JungleBus for your next event and also to our loyal patrons.

Thank you all, Stefanie

JungleBus Climbing Ladder

JungleBus Rings Exercise

JungleBus Kids In Big Wheel

JungleBus Girl On Swing Pole

JungleBus Rock climbing

JungleBus Big Wheel Fun

JungleBus Hanging Around

JungleBus ZipLine

JungleBus Rope Swing

JungleBus Somersault

JungleBus Even Bar Challenge

JungleBus Climbing Rock Wall

JungleBus Girl On Rings

JungleBus Chicago - Da Bus

JungleBus Wedge Mat

JungleBus Trampoline Splits

JungleBus Chin-Ups

JungleBus Hand Stand

JungleBus Treadmill

JungleBus Rinding In The Tire

JungleBus Trampoline


JungleBus Acrobtics

JungleBus Push-Ups

JungleBus Boxing

JungleBus Back Bends

JungleBus Big Wheelin'

JungleBus Party

JungleBus Girls Doing Splits

JungleBus Kids Boxing

JungleBus Climbing On The Edge

JungleBus Hand Stand

JungleBus Double Boxers

JungleBus Weight Lifting

JungleBus Zebra Stripes

JungleBus Arrival




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